Sunday, October 01, 2006


Why is letting a person you really care about go all the way across the world so hard
Why do things come into your life and make things seem so much tougher than they really are
Why do we worry about the little things, but when big things come up we don't even mention that they are there
Why do we have to go through life and always have situations in life that just plain suck
Why does seeing someone you care about deeply across the world make you wonder whether what you are doing with your life, in terms of school, is the right thing
Why do people come into your life and totally wreck you, in a good way
Why do so many things come into your life and just change you in a split second
Why does some things come into your life and are not even recognized
Why is life just so difficult sometimes that you can't understand it

But then...

Something happens in your life that makes all of these questions go away; whether it is a person or just an occurance that happens that makes you not ask those questions anymore. Something/Someone so special can come into your life and take everything away; even if this something/someone is on the other side of the world. It's really tough to realize that this can happen in your life, but when it does it just does; you know that it unequivocally has. It's a feeling that you get that is just so great that it just doesn't shake. Everything that happens within your heart is just so happy now.

This is just something that happens to some people, and if it hasn't happened to you, don't worry it will come that special something/someone will come into your life and take all those questions away and just make everything ok...even if that something/someone is somewhere where you can't see them, they'll be around the corner sooner than you think! For me it's 11 months 24 days and 23 minutes...

Just wait patiently that something/someone will be i always the incredibles!!!!