Thursday, January 11, 2007

The iPod Generation

Over the past number of years there have been many different mp3 players that have been put out in order to create an easier way to listen to music. Many different companies like Sony, RCA, Samsung, and even some no name companies have tried to be able to produce an mp3 player that will encompass all of the elements of music. Although these companies have given there best, Apple introduced something called the iPod. It first started out as just a normal mp3 player: nothing to special about it, but now in it's 5th generation has expanded to produce such a product that includes 80 Gigabytes of storage space and even the ability to play many games, have audio books, store contact information, and the best part of all, the ability to play movies and TV shows.

Now I know that the majority of people know what an iPod is and what it entails, but the amount people, especially teenagers, that have it is unreal. In fact last year within its 4th term Mac had shipped 8.1 million iPod's out that had been sold. This means that so many people have an iPod; it's almost like if you don't have an iPod you are on the outside looking in; you're out of the loop.

There was this one day recently, over the Christmas break, that I was in a store shopping and a mom and her son and daughter came in and I noticed that the son had some headphones in his ears and realized that he had an iPod. Now this may not seem like a pretty interesting story, except for the fact that this boy was no older than the age of 5!!! I couldn't believe my eyes.

The generation of youth today have grabbed hold of this phenomenon and show no signs of letting up. With Apple now coming out with there 30 and 80 Gigabyte Video iPod's, 2, 4, and 8 Gigabyte Nano's, and of course their tiny iPod the "Shuffle" all these iPods get the eye from a ton of people in the world today, especially that of the adolescent age group.

The only question is now, what are they going to do next. With 5 generations now done so well, what can they come up with next to entice the culture that we all live in today? We are all expecting more and have been satisfied with the company of Apple, but can they do it again.

I have heard of this one invention, and I believe it is from Apple, it is a computer within a pen. That's right, A PEN! If you want to hear about the starting of the invention just give me a shout and I'll et you in on the potential of this.