Saturday, March 03, 2007

From Saved by The Bell to The O.C.

Over the past number of years the TV industry has been putting different shows out that are near the unacceptable mark. Back about 10 years ago there were shows like Saved By the Bell, Family Matters, Full House, and Step By Step for young teens and teenagers, now there are shows like The O.C., CSI, 24, and many others. Although the majority of shows nowadays are relatively good, there are shows that come on TV that are very inappropriate for the age watching. I think the TV industry over the past number of years have just become more blunt with what they want to try and portray to kids and teenagers. TV shows in the past may have had bad shows, but the issues were subtle and dealt with pretty well. Now, the media is just so blunt, in everything. Sometimes it's just so tough to really understand the way the media and TV industries work, but right now it seems as though they try to cover up everything. For example, in the past years there have been shows that have portrayed things like, drugs, alcohol, etc., but it is not to the extent that it is used today. I think in most shows there is some form of abuse: drug, alcohol, physical. It's almost like the media has to try so much harder to get kids attention.

I think what I'm trying to say here is that kids and teenagers seem to be growing up so much faster and so the TV industry feels like they too need to grow up faster, by specifically putting on TV shows at certain times to attract the teenagers and influence them, sometimes in worse ways than not. The TV industry has advanced so much in the past 10 years by going from Saved By The Bell to The O.C. This is just an example of the attitude to grow up faster.

This might just go over everyone's head, but it is something that has kind of bugged me within the TV industry and how they are trying to push teenagers to be grown up quicker. It is really an issue, but not at the same time because the world pushed people to grow up faster and the media industries are just going along with the train; I would say they are even at the very front of the train pushing this.

Just a thought.