Monday, February 19, 2007

NBA All-Star Weekend 2007

Well this past weekend was one of the biggest weekends, if not the biggest weekend of the NBA season and is always a big hit in every NBA season. This weekend is big for all ages and people. I think it is especially huge for people in the high school age group because the people that are participating in the All-Star weekend are the people that the youth look up to and such.

Having watched countless All-Star weekends I found this one to be not one of the best. This All-Star weekend was packed with endless amounts of showmanship and fun times, but at the end of the weekend it just seemed like it was missing something. I think the thing that it was missing were the guys that I grew up watching. Guys like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen (even though he did participate in one event), David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon, and many others. I guess I finally realized that the NBA has moved into a different time that is appealing to the youth of today.

There were your normal events, the rookie challenge, the slam dunk competition, the 3-point competition, and a couple newer ones, the skills competition, and the Haier shooting stars competition. The players involved put on a great show and there were a couple new winners in the events this year. All I know was that it was a great weekend to watch basketball even though there have been better weekends in previous years. This one was still pretty good. For more information on what happened that weekend check out