Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hockey Hall of Fame

So yesterday me and my brother went to the Hockey Hall of Fame because we had an afternoon to kill. We finally got inside it after spending a while driving around trying to find the perfect parking place, but there wasn't one, so we settled. Anyways so we got in there kind of remembering what it was like as little kids and we both quickly realized that there wasn't much to it. It was a lot smaller than we thought and it turned out not being exactly what we thought. The upside to it all this was as you can see I got my picture taken with Lord Stanley's Cup. That's right. For all of you who couldn't find it as a kid and such, Pastor Jeff Hackett! might be jealous. I also took a few pictures of the trophies like the Vezna (Top Goalie) and the Art Ross (MVP of the Finals). Anyways it was a great afternoon hanging out with my brother and such. It was a good day. That's it for now!