Sunday, April 15, 2007

To All my it please..

I can't believe it. Another year has come and gone in school; this year much faster than last. I can still remember coming back to Tyndale a week early to help Dave out and play drums for frosh week. What a year though. Many up and down times, a lot of growing experiences and all in all I have come out a better man. The first semester was a definite challenge with some tough courses, dealing with 3 worship teams and a part-time job, and with Megan away in Japan. It was a crazy first few months, but this semester has been a little less stressful because I slowed my work down, but even through it all there have been times when I would find time alone with God and just thank Him for putting people in my life that have been such a blessing to me this year: My best friends, Steve Wray, Dave Kentie, and Ryan Feeney, my, quote unquote, 'big sis' has been such a huge help with hearing my venting times about how much I miss my Megan in japan. To all of my friends in the Ruddington Appartments, rooms 426 and 627 and finally to all of my friends at Tyndale. Thank you for all the great times together.

This has been such an incredible learning year for me. Thanks to all who helped me along the way. I would like to specially thank Scott Bullock for helping me stay focused on my papers and the encouragement that he gave me when I was stuck on a paper. Thanks man! Also to my fellow cast members in 'Tyndale the Musical', what a hit! We had so much fun together; it was great; we all got closer and you all mean a lot to me. Another mention to my R.A.'s this year, Jesse James and Ryan Feeney, thanks for all the love. You really showed your hearts this year, so thanks.

One more before the most important,to my best friend of all time Tiffany for just being the friend of a life-time!! THANKS!

Finally, to my girlfriend Megan for supporting me in school and in my endeavors even though you are 13 hours away thanks for being that constant in my life this year!!

Ok, wow, it's almost like I'm saying thanks because I'm dying or something, but I'm clearly not. ahaha...I just wanted to thank everyone in my life this year because you all really mean so much to me. Thanks to all of you for making this year a big success for me!

Oh crap, totally forgot to thank the big man upstairs! ahah.. the big JC. wow...anyways, I'm out thank you all again. You are loved!